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Back to the land in Alta Valtellina
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il 22.08.14 Postato in News

Back to the land in Alta Valtellina

The scent of hay fields, in the month of May, fills the air of freshness. The same freshness and clarity Dr. Federica Gironi used in her course of fitoalimurgia in the fields of Pedenosso. This course was organized by the "Consorzio of the Stelvio National Park."

DSC 5392-001

Fitoalimurgia is a complicated word which means feeding with herbs in times of emergency. This was a popular habit our grandparents knew very well when going shopping was so hard in times of famine.

Now this problem seems to be overcome (maybe not so much!) and the knowledge of wild herbs is required in the fashionable and alternative cuisine.

Armed with scissors and bags I collected herbs in the "green" lawns. Absinthe, dandelion, verzena or hogweed, yarrow, wild spinach and wild sage grass became the protagonists of a very natural dinner!

Using the yellow flower of dandelion, passed in the batter, the appetizer is served, accompanied by a savory pie made ​​from the leaves of wild spinach, dandelion and sage.

DSC 5272-001

The verzena, or giant hogweed, can be used to sweeten a delicious rice soup.Tender leaves of nettle (you need a pair of gloves!) are the perfect ingredients of risotto.

Esperienza da vivere, per la quale si riesce  arricchiti di conoscenze nuove, particolari e anche utili al portafoglio. 

This is a nice experience to live; you will be enriched and will be taught how to save money.

By Timo