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Alta Valtellina and its Thermal Waters
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Alta Valtellina and its Thermal Waters

Nine springs of thermal water that you can find while walking in the park of Bagni di Bormio . The PLINIANA SPRING is the most popular of all  and takes its name from a quote in the treaty about nature by Pliny the Elder , Naturalis Historia , in the first century AD. It comes from a cleft in the rock and is protected by an artificial cave built in 1908 to replace the existing roof . Among the nine springs of the park it is the purest and full of anti-inflammatory properties with a temperature around 38 degrees . Its peculiarity is that it is almost devoid of sludge therefore best suited for indoor use .

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SAN CARLO SPRING It is the only cold spring in the Parco dei Bagni , with a steady temperature around 18- 19 degrees and slightly gaseous. It is known for its healing properties to the eyes in fact in ancient times it was used as natural eye drops or as a compress to treat conjunctivitis and styes . It also guaranteed a refreshment for travellers thanks to the particular taste of its water . It gushes near Bagni Vecchi and it is dedicated to San Carlo probably in the period of the plague in the early 1500s .