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The Carnival of the Fools
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il 03.02.14 Postato in News

The Carnival of the Fools

The Carnival of Fools .

The event takes place in the Piazza del Kuerc in Bormio and it is a very old tradition.

In ancient times it was celebrated for an entire week , eating and drinking . The company " of the Fools" asked the families pf the village for some money to cook "polenta" to the poor people.
Nowadays polenta is still present  but also the famous manzole are prepared with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and a glass of grappa. and distributed to all the people present in the square on Sunday, March 2, 2014 .

The "President" is Harlequin who is helped by the Doctor . The aim is to oust the Mayor and read the citizens' complaints which have been collected throughout the year and put in a box located at a corner of the square. Participants wear old leather masks to avoid being recognized as tradition dictates .

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The spectacle of the Carnival of the Fools can be seen from the path that leads to Gesa Rota to the Reit. From there the Piazza del Kuerc presents itself in all its beauty and poetry: the crowd with the colorful costumes, the children who shout and laugh happily. All this evokes the Middle Ages and the modern times. That's why Bormio and its traditions remains unique, rich in history and charm.
By Artemisia