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I Pasquali
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il 19.02.13 Postato in Bormio

I Pasquali


The best known and the most captivating tradition for tourism is that of “Pasquali”, which consist of majestic allegorical works in a religious context, arranged on floats carried by young and old fellows on their shoulders. They wear typical costumes of Bormio and parade along the streets of the historical center up to the square of “Kuerc” Here the religious floats are exposed and honored by a selected jury of experts.

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At the beginning of the last century a “Pasquale” was simply represented by white dressed up lambs which were taken to the solemn Easter Mass for being blessed.

Both PASQUALI today that yesterday's PASQUALIhave in common the spirit of competition among the five departments in districts that comprise Bormio:BUGLIUO, COMBO, DOSSIGLIO, DOSSOROVINA, MAGGIORE.

Each department corresponds to a symbol and a color: BUGLIO is the department of fountains and its color is blue, COMBO is the department of cats and its color is white, DOSSIGLIO is the department of the mill and its color is green, DOSSOROVINA is is the tower and the Kuerc and its color is yellow, MAGGIORE is the department of wolves and its color is red.


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