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A very special day!
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il 24.12.13 Postato in Bormio

A very special day!

Waking up early in the morning for my first free ski trip of the season is really wonderful; it is a dream which comes true! Despite being on holiday, it is a pleasure to get up early, get dressed, have breakfast and drive to Bormio in Federico’s car, my neighbor. At first we have some problems with our skis but then we are ready for our destination: Bormio 3000. Federico is faster than me and I am a bit back, but it is a pleasure. Ski touring really opens up a world! No queuing up, no cries, no noises. Only the hiss of our skis on the snow of the night, our breathing and the fresh air. After a while the sun rises and warms us a bit. It enlightens the tops of the mountains, and I stop to admire the three mountains: Ortles, Zebrù and Gran Zebrù. The wind of 3000 meters is frosty but the satisfaction of walking up nearly 2000 meters in altitude and the spectacular views around make me fly up to the top. A hot cup of tea while I am admiring Mount Tresero and then it's time to get down. My legs tremble a bit. A last look at the surrounding paradise and then down: I enjoy the descent as ever before.

By Genepì