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Nordic Walking in Alta Valtellina
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il 19.02.13 Postato in Activity

Nordic Walking in Alta Valtellina

Walking with poles, was practiced as summer training by Scandinavian cross-country skiing athletes since the 1930s. In Italy we have to wait 60 years before seeing people with sticks walking in the woods and on the trails. Thanks to a Swedish coach, Italian cross-country skiers, led by Franco Nones, start practicing Nordic Walking at an initial stage. Walking with poles was officially opened only in 1997 after the Finnish student Marko Kantaneva presents his thesis about Nordic Walking at the Finnish Sports Institute in Vierum√§ki, Finland (1994-1997). In Italy, Nordic Walking comes at the end of 2003 when the activity begins to develop in South Tyrol and then continues to spread throughout Italy. Nordic Walking is one of the most comprehensive sports. With proper technique you get a high muscle involvement and an effective cardiovascular work with huge benefits for your health:

  • Power consumption increases by 20 - 30% compared to walking without poles
  • It involves about 90% of our muscles (more than 600 muscles);
  • Increasing oxygenation of the entire body;
  • It improves endurance, strength, mobility, coordination;
  • It dissolves contractions in the shoulder and neck (cervical);
  • It delays the aging process;
  • It stimulates the elimination of hormones originated by stress;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • It improves posture and favors the mobilization of the spine;
  • It lightens the load on the joints.

Nordic Walking is an anti-stress theraphy.


  • It improves mood, counteracts anxiety and depression due to the release of endorphins and serotonin;
  • It regulates the heartbeat, which tends to accelerate in times of stress, causing anxieties and fears;
  • With the improvements of the physical body, the mind tends to solve problems easily;
  • It regulates breath, which tends to be short in times of stress;
  • It downloads muscular tension;

Nordic Walking has general benefits:

  • We consume fats;
  • Blood glucose decreases;
  • It protects the body from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis: in fact a moderate but constant exercise enhances the ability of the bones to absorb calcium;
  •  Nordic Walking lowers the perception of fatigue which allows to perform a physical activity longer. 

It is ideal  for common people who are not well trained.