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Trekking to Boscopiano in the Stelvio national Park
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il 17.11.14 Postato in Activity

Trekking to Boscopiano in the Stelvio national Park

The meeting point is at residence "Boschetti d'Adda". We walk along the wooded ridge of the golf course that offers relaxation to the mind and spirit.
The green fields of the golf course contrast with the yellow of the larches while the Gipeto flies in the clear sky, typical of the beautiful autumn days.
The pedestrian path goes along the river Adda with its transparent waters and offers a glimpse of a magnificent trout that darts between the stones. The gentle gurgling of the water invites relaxation and meditation.
We continue undisturbed with our 4-legged friends who, momentarily free from the leash, commute to wait impatiently to be achieved by us and sniff here and there the fragrant herbs such as sweet clover, the maidenhair fern, lady's mantle and artemisa.
Biagio, the little dog, takes a break to gnaw some weeds to rid his stomach burdened by his previous libation.
The group reaches the church of St. Gallo and then the village of Premadio. After the "Serpentone" we go to the Grand Hotel dei Bagni Nuovi and after the short gallery on the Stelvio road we walk to Terme dei Bagni Vecchi and turn left to reach the picnic area of Boscopiano.
After crossing the bridge over the stream Braulio, we allow our "furry friends" to drink the cool waters of the river while some rangers recommend us to keep our dogs on a leash so as not to disturb and frighten the wildlife.
At this point we deserve a healthy snack of Brasche, offered by our friends who have reached us into their car and cook chestnuts holding the pan directly on the fire of the barbecue. All accompained by a good red wine of Valtellina.

By Artemisia