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The Stelvio National Park
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il 21.02.13 Postato in News, Bormio


Have you ever dreamt of an earthly paradise or have you ever had the feeling of being completely immersed in a beautiful, natural unspoiled and quiet area? Have you ever had the idea of giving up with everything and spend some of your time with your family to rediscover nature? This oasis of happiness exists, it is the world of the Alps in Valtellina Italy; it is the Stelvio National Park, which was set in 1935 and includes 130,734 hectares of pristine land.


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In these vast forests many species of animals live undisturbed such as chamois and ibex (which can also be observed while grazing lichens), roe deer, foxes, stoats, squirrels, marmots, and badgers.

If you look up in the sky you will also see the countless species of birds, such as the great golden eagles, partridges, grouses, woodpeckers, buzzards, owls, crows, sparrow-hawks, imperial ravens and a few years now even the “gipeto”.


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Among the flora the spruce is the most widespread especially in Trentino. At a lower altitude larch and “gembro” are sovereign. At 2600 meters and higher the coniferous forests are replaced by dwarf shrubs and at about 2800 meters scree slopes, rocks and lichens are prevailing.